Welcome to Aktiston Bushcraft System, the Hellenic Bushcraft School.
Dear Friends! My name is Petros Alexandros being entirely dedicated in studying and practicing the vanishing Arts of the Bushmen and the Wilderness Trackers. Having been involved with since early childhood and with an interest regarding the essence of those arts founded in 1999 Aktiston Bushcraft a System possessing Four Levels and Five Categories, the Art of Wilderness Pursuit. In order to share my love and interest of the subjects with other people. Since then it has proved accurate, efficient, innovative and successful into transmiting knowledge and skills offering unique experiences, quality solutions and crafts and hasn’t stopped evolving up to-day. The ethos and structure of the System its Methods, Tools and Destinations incorporated allow the foundations of constant refinement and evolution both physical and mental. My ideas, projects and tool designs are Leading in the world of Bushcraft and have been copied and imitated by the finest professionals and industries abroad. Aktiston System the Authentic School of Hellenic Bushcraft, has been tested repeatedly in real life situations and has prevailed. A new approach is necessary to maximize our chances of confronting and overcoming adversities and threats in the increasingly dangerous outdoor and urban wilderness we all live in. That of hard honest work and focused mind in realistic terms. The highest asset of a wilderness person is the pure of heart and the strong fighting spirit.
I Honor and Preserve the Old Ways as well as accept new ones that do not diminish essence. International queries are welcome. Enjoy browsing our website. Please visit the News section frequently.
Also find us on Facebook in our relevant pages! Thank you for visiting and don’t hesitate to contact for information of any kind.