About Aktiston

My full name is Petros Alexandros Manousakis. Born in January 1975
My Father was the first Man to inspire and teach discipline, Japanese wrestling and fitness.
Most of the my first outdoor and sports experiences where with him. Started contact with sports and nature at a very early age 4or 5.
Because of my Fathers profession was living overseas when finally settled in Athens Greece in 1981-82.
Humble beginnings in wilderness survival begun early 80’s and were skin diving, spear fishing and making crude bows and arrows.
As long as i can remeber my self, backpacks, cutting tools, the scent and glow of a campfire, forests and wildlife took my breath away.
At age 11 or 12 was adept to using the felling axe and around this age forged my first knife a machete.
As i grew up, studied wilderness survival and bushcraft skills from various sources many of which overseas.
Many older members of my family also contributed in my newly acquired plant lore, trapping, fishing etc. during my first steps.
Studied Tang Soo Do between 1989 and 1994 under the guidance of master Lee Kun Hwa.
At age 17 started my first fire by friction by bow driil also begun studying fungi, wilderness tracking and the skills of Native American Indians.
At age 20 started my first fire by Hand drill and ever since has been my primary way of starting fire in the wilderness up until today.
My hand drill has been consistently operated in prestine wilderness and primitive-archaeological sites where the last hand drill fire lit was propably several thousands of years ago.
By the age of 20 and being very entousiastic with the liquid element had already aquired 3rd star cmas diving diploma and others, six months Red Cross first aid, lifeguards diploma and significant experience in various incidents.
Studied traditional willow basketry with Gypsies for several months.
Joined Greek Special Forces in February 1996 until September 1997 serving the Amphibious unit Hios Island, the Winter Mountain Warfare Unit Olympus Mt. Served Amphibious Unit Samos island Sergeant Major of the 62nd Strike Company
During my service in the army had the opportunity to study and practice a complete cycle of elements such as: discipline, military fitness, leadership, mountain craft, mountain & guerilla warfare, platoon & company tactics, rapid deployment, immediate response drills, night operations, amphibious operations, close quarter battle, reconnaissance, medium range scout sniping, camouflage and concealment, synthetic and b.u.d. explosives, patrolling, rappelling, orientation and use of various optics, interrogation escape and evasion, use of knife and bayonet, minefield setting, mortars 60 & 81 mm, training and use in various F.N. and Heckler and Koch asault rifles in 7,62mm as well as other firearms, and most important experienced true combat conditions.
It is known that Greek Special Forces meet the Standards of the British Commando and the French Foreign Legion.
During the 96 period Greece came to the edge of war with our neighbouring country Turkey so everybody was in constant alert at the time.
During service continued to practice bushcraft and tracking around the ideal wilderness military environment which was mostly forested areas, arid bush and marine environment.
By Autumn 1997 at age 23 was already being considered an accomplished woodsman and bushcraft practitioner.
That was confirmed by several acccomplished individuals among which a very famous British Bushcraft instructor/TV Presenter and author who persistently invited me to spend a week at his house in East Sussex in 1997 where he insisted that i should stop my intense study practice and start teaching and writting books. During course period 1998 he also invited me to live at his house and to work as a wilderness bushcraft ,tracking instructor at his school.
After that invitation continued my study in the Wilderness Skills back in Greece and was more than compensated for my efforts.
I was determined to bring more out of those topics and take the arts to a higher level. My interest of the skills and arts was and still is genuine
In autumn 1998 started studying Taijutsu and Jujutsu as a member of the Genbukan Ninpo & Kokusai JuJutsu under the guidance of Shibu Cho Guy Aerts.
In 1999 became a member of well-known Greek bungee teams to supplement my income obtaining advanced insight in bungee secrets and technology. During my stay in the teams was fortunate to operate in various sites some of which very dangerous requiring the maximum of attention and responsibility and retired from bungy activities eleven years later without one accident of any kind. Retired bungy sometime in 2008.
Between 1999/2000 founded Aktiston Bushcraft system the Art of Wilderness Pursuit.
Also designed my first Standard Bushcraft Knife. The Aktiston Bushcraft Knife the photo of which can be seen in my Facebook account. My prototype was forged in 01 stock removal by a bushcraft knifemaker in the UK.
Through him and other bushcraft folks of the Bushcraft UK movement my knife pattern was adapted, slightly altered on the back of the handle and popularised by the well known knifemaking company SPYDERCO as the G-10 Bushcraft knife.
Just before that this American company had been turned down in taking into mass production a world famous British Bushcraft Knife design.
In 2001 started studying-practicing traditional bladesmithing apprenticing by the side of the very competend craftsman G. Apostolakis.
Up until today received guidance and support by Professor in metal chemistry and general director of Uddeholm in Peiraias Mr. John Sideris.
By 2003 was able to consistently remove long wide and thin flakes out good quality black flint with a predictable single blow using the soft hammer.
In 2004 designed and forged my first standard axe the Aktiston Bushcraft Axe the photos of which can be seen here in the products/cutting tools section, and in my Facebook account.
That design also became popular, adapted later by folks of the UK Bushcraft movement and imitated as the WETTERLINGS Bushman Axe.
Amazingly it is almost perfectly identical. Other pros also duplicated features of my Axe pattern.
If someone researches carefully enough can discover the clarity of my statements. Simply cross examine the photos in my website with the imitated cutting tool photos and discover the truth for your self.
I right those things because firstly i am a Professional and the truth must always be spoken.
I do not like others taking credit from my work so openly and in my face.
Copying is never good at all, especially when the source is not mentioned.
From September 2005 became personal student of Sensei Guy Aerts. Another path of true learning in Special Combat begun.
Since September 2005 until today have officialy upheld Genbukan in Greece under the Takao Shibu Dojo to the best of my ability. At the moment i am buzy with Genbukan Shodan (1st dan) also Koto Ryu and Kukishin Ryu Shoden Level. Takao Honbu Dojo can be contacted for confirmation.
I also had other important mentors such as Professor mycologists Vasiliadis and Gonou, Professor Botanist and Grand Master naturalist Sfikas the last Two for over ten years of constant support and advice, Panagiotis Kaftantzidis a Master and professional trapper and hunter from Kafkasos Mt. in big game and fur bearing animals, John Lord, Jozef Alvarez who also provided vital-efficient instruction on the secrets of their arts. Others helped also!
Of tremendous importance was the help and support from the Fathers of Orthodox Christianity who always supported me through out every difficulty in my life, especially the very tough ones.
Those people are Great Masters who generously shared their expertise and powerfully influenced my study.
Without them it would not have been possible to reach at that point.
Have traveled extensively the various wildernesses in Greece practicing Bushcraft and Tracking.
Also during my lifetime have lived in and visited, the United States of America, England, Belgium, France, Egypt, South Africa, Arabic Emirates, India, Srilanka, Australia.
Since 1996 have placed focus in the tracking and animal behaviour of the big mammals of Greece and have included a special study of each in my tracking category as well as relevant elements ingrained throughout the entire System in order to make it more efficient.
-Many accomplished Professionals consider and recognise my person as being a master in wilderness bushcraft, bladesmithing and an expert practitioner in Tracking and Japanese bugei as well as other combat systems.
-Have appeared on television in the U.K for a daily bushcraft documentary back in 1998 and several times later in Greece.
-Have been fortunate to instruct people who became instructors and trained their own instructors, also helped others support their businesses stand at their own feet. That was in most cases unfortunately not recognised and appreciated, the contrary!
-The Aktiston Bushcraft Knife is together with a famous British Bushcraft knife and the Mora knife one of the Most popular Bushcraft knives in the World.
-The Aktiston Bushcraft Axe is also one of the most efficient and popular axes in the world of Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft.
-My ideas, projects and designs have long inspired many of the finest bushcraft-tracking professionals abroad to adapt them and put them to use.
The enemy of the good is the better so many pros went far to stop my effort but they failed repeatedly.
-Aktiston System has been tested in real life dangerous situations in wilderness and urban environment both in terms of intensity and duration and has been prooved efficient and successful.
Rock solid proof are available regarding all the above written as well as everything administred within this and the rest of my texts!
The above combined with my interest and love for the Arts and Technologies are sound reasons for continuing to study, practice and gain experience constantly learning new things.