Hellas-Greece and Foreign destinations
Greece Is a small country, however it is blessed and with tremendous diversity.
-Has an ancient Civilization with sciences, traditional crafts, metallurgy, war methods, martial arts and wilderness survival skills.
-Is a Country with an important history about every period from prehistoric to Neolithic, Bronze, Iron Age to medieval times.
-Despite of its small geographic expanse it combines amazing environmental diversion, 3000 miles of coast, hundreds of rivers, lakes, mineral and hot spring, islands, forests, nationals parks, jungle and desert landscapes, alpine peaks, Taiga wilderness, temperatures ranging from plus 50 to minus 30 Celsius.
-The largest Bear country, the third most mountainous and one of the most forests covered with healthy animal population’s country in Europe.
Greece truly is ideal for wilderness training and traveling.
-Here one finds the most ancient and prestine forest in all of Europe, Fraktos forest.
Foreign Destinations:
-We appreciate a variety of destinations abroad which offer prestine conditions and wildlife as well as Indigenous populations in close relation to the land and their ancestral roots.
Those Ultimate frontiers are chosen for the specialized of the conditions found and can be traveled to upon special demand.
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