Bushcraft Emblem: This is comprised by a Circle, a Bear and a Human
-In the center of the circle is the heart of the Bear and the Human in one matching point symbolizing oneness with Wilderness and the Divine Spirit.
-We are always naked and weak exposed to natures forces, the more we know the lightest and strongest we become.
-The outdoor scenery is dynamic environments in which we confront our fears discover our wishes learn coexistence and hold our future. The ultimate realization of today’s human regarding his-her responsibility into properly control and manifests the thoughts, emotions & gestures. Those have a direct impact.
-The Bear is the king and the keeper of the wilderness the symbol of wild life and ancient ways a true fighting spirit. Bound to the seasons through which we learn the circle of life and death the flow of elements. This path hacked by this magnificent creature is in danger of extinction sure to be followed by us unless we reply to her cry for reasoning.

Tracking-Scouting Emblem: This is comprised by a Bear track, with a heart shaped paw and an eye at its center. All within a circle.
I have been working many years on a symbol that reflects the true spirit of tracking and scouting in all its forms and aspects while maintaining
a Universal profile.
To be published Soon with complete meanings.

Bushcraft Bladesmithing Emblem: This is comprised by an ancient anvil block, a hammer, a tong and an iron ingot…..
To be published soon

Special Combat Emblem: This is comprised by a shield, a dagger, a skull, encircled with concentric rings.
To be published soon.

As the name suggests in Hellenic, Aktiston means:
-The one that hasn’t been built so it holds no title or name. The system has like everything else been inspired by Above while at the same time contains the essence that leads also to spiritual evolution besides technical proficiency.
-Everything is in a constant change.
-The detail is more important than the sum.
-It is important to seek the constant refinement and improvement through one’s path.
-Everything is created by God and that He is present in everything and that He does everything or allows anything in a Good sence. Everything Is as God Wills it.

Efficiency Happiness Understanding are key words that entail and contribute towards a bright future for nature and humanity.