My focus is into perfecting Aktiston Bushcraft System its crafts and my energy also goes at:
-Putting a study together regarding Wilderness Combat. This is highly influenced by my personal research and study in the doctrines of the feudal Japanese Shinobi and their arts Jutsu. More will be presented in my new martial arts website at soon.
-Establishing a Dojo. Traditional Taijutsu has rightfully earned my trust as well as others for its efficiency in real life threats. This creates the need to share this experience and expertise with other people under the watchfull eyes of my Superior Masters.
-Writing my first Book regarding efficient skills for the Wild. It is well on its way and hopefully will be completed soon. This will Gods permitting be the first of a series of books dedicated to the subjects.
-Designing and building new tools for the Wilderness.
-Learning and rediscovering Old Skills.
-Assisting others towards their personal improvement.
-Start making small instructional videos for the enthousiasts of the above topics.
-Aktiston needs also a sound training base in deep wilderness.
There is always the need for more practise, study and research and the Universal Principal of constantly taking things further by carefully evolving them.
This entire effort is dedicated to God and my Best Friend Eleni Pachou who is unfortunately no longer with us.