System & Structure

Aktiston is a complete survival System and an Art of wilderness pursuit binding together spiritual refinement and physical skills the way it was practiced and sustained in the past generations.
Aktiston Principals:
Focused mind, Pure Heart, Fighting spirit.
levels of evolution:
Fundamental: which is intended to introduce the absolutely necessary skills for wilderness living and create a sound understanding and base plate of ability in order for the study to be taken further without jeopardizing ones ability to be efficient in the first hand.
Intermediate: being intended to start placing the necessary focus and effort in more detail and depth of knowledge recapping the previous skills and progressing onto new ones in order to be more complete and diverse, stepping on the previous foundation and in some cases with out it being a prerequisite. More freedom is gained.
Advanced: recap of the previous level and an exploration in the deeper secrets of wilderness existence. As thinks are beginning to get more challenging and demanding more effort, interest and stricter detail has to be applied. One begins to obtain serious skill, understanding. Intermediate could be a prerequisite.
Proficient: perfecting the acquired knowledge while moving on to learning high level crafts and skills, the keys of setting one ultimately free, wilderness dynamics and other bushcraft secrets. Also provides instructor training courses for various topics. This is a professional and very dedicated study with mostly a personal tuition character.
Basic categories:
Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Skills: Those can be divided in three major overlapping categories.
-Outdoor living skills: those are necessary for every day back country existence and for moving about comfortably and safely.
-Bush living skills: include more sophisticated, refined and traditional knowledge.
-Primitive skills: include all the ancient specialized crafts and techniques for efficient wilderness subsistence.
The above family of topics and philosophy enable traditional and indigenous people of the globe to be at home in pristine environments. Consider this as being a rough explanation of the title wilderness survival and bushcraft.
Bushcraft is a collective term. Bushcraft is out there. Bushcraft is what you can do for real in the wild. Bushcraft is Wilderness perception.
Tracking and Scouting: The wilderness environment is not neutral. Instead it offers dynamic scenery with amazing potential, hidden secrets and countless opportunities of every kind. One can never be all too sure about what he will encounter venturing the wilderness. The art of tracking leads in the ability to blend with the outdoor surroundings, to pass unnoticed to man and animals. Reading the ground like a book, locating and following both material & spiritual tracks and signs, how to interpret them into practical conclusions. Gaining understanding for Natures creatures, elements and Dimentions.
Tool Making: Most people involved with bushcraft, wood carving, and traditional crafts and arts are interested in learning how their tools were made. Others forced by necessity try to construct their own. This line demystifies the secrets necessary to forge quality traditional tools for the wilderness. Work and understand a variety of materials. Recycling scrap metal with improvised tools into functional crafts. Gain higher insight in the basic elements. Not forgetting to mention Bushcraft tool designing.
Special Combat Techniques: Genuine combat preparation is not a game. My wish is to separate the term Martial Arts from Aktiston Special Combat for this mentality is one of understanding in physical, mental potential and capacity of the Human being. Analyzing the above on a basis of reasoning and pure facts leaves all the necessary space for development without having to cling on labels and standards defenately taking into considration principals of well developed traditional systems. Our perception tries to furhter excell with only boundary our moral-ethical etiquette.
After many years of dedicated study, practice and research is offered a tested and true resulting curriculum. This is a fusion of Goshin Jutsu and Russian System as well as other usefull elements. All four levels of combat skills pertain and negotiate important physical, mental, technical issues that can at every step of evolution help a person excel when confronted with danger, the ability to recognize the potential dynamic solution, and to also contribute in living a balanced, happy life. Aktiston combat possesses a defensive character and body movement that can enable harmony with natural order. One here becomes trained not for violence but for saving lives and disolving evil threats.
The Essence of Aktiston Structure focuses in the following terms:
Technical Proficiency, Adaptability, Versatility and Freedom
Accuracy, Efficiency, Practicality
Control, Discipline, Laws and Principals
Respect , Focus, Thankfullness
Personal and Team Evolution
Equality, Reasoning, Experience