Bushcraft instructor, Author, TV presenter (UK) : September 1997
To Petros with best wishes for the Man to teach Greece Bushcraft.

Bushcraft School Director late (UK): Summer 1997
Petros you are so dedicated, your discipline was driving my husband mad. He thinks the world of you.

Bushcraft instructor female (UK): May 1998
Petros thank you for taking me to the mountains and in doing so help me become a better person. If you can do those things now can you imagine what you will be doing ten years from now?

Bushcraft School Director late (UK):June 1998
Petros you are a born Leader. Also an expert at making wilderness shelters.

Bushcraft Instructor, Author, TV presenter (UK): July 1998
Petros is very skilled and a Man of such tremendous potential. Petros you should go back in Greece and start writing books that don’t exist. Try what works there and write about it. The world of Bushcraft will be very interested. This is going to be very important for your carrier in Bushcraft.

Survival Veteran Master (USA) : Summer 1998
Petros my advice to you is to See, Hear more than talk. Thank you for the bow drill you gave me made out of laurel.

Bushcraft Instructors Irish (UK): July 1998
Petros you are very good at working with people. We are not being nice with you, it is just how things are.

Bushcraft Instructor female (UK): July 1998
If your driving skills are anything like your Bushcraft skills you will journey far.

Bird watcher (Scotland): Summer 1999
I have been to Siberia and this Wilderness here Rhodopi is trully identical. I have spotted eight species of wood pecker out nine and the one missing simply doesn’t live in those mountains.

Grand Master Botanist-Naturalist, Author, Wild Country Conservation Expert (Greece): Year 2000
To my beloved Petro i wish a life full of action.

Bushcraft Instructor & Knifemaker (UK): April 2002
Rhodopi Mountains are Wild country and an amazing true Widerness. Lets abandon everything and go live in paradise. Petros thank you for teaching me the hand drill. Your knife design is very popular among the Bushcraft UK movement!

Olympian triathlete female (USA): Autumn 2003
Petros you should come over to the United States and we should find you a job as Martial Arts instructor

Ninjutsu Sensei: March 2004
Petro you have enough skill and experience to become a Sensei. You will surely progress further.

European Genbukan Office Chief (Belgium): September 2005
Keep the true warrior and fighting spirit. Aerts Guy.

Outdoorsman & Craftsman: Winter 2006
Petro thank you for the small bushcraft knife you forged for me out of the old file. It is both rustic and functional.

Hunter: Spring 2009
Petro the O1 Kukri you forged for me in 2007 is now in the hands of the Chief Forester of Boulgarian Rhodopi in Haskovo. He liked it enough to take it by force.

World class Basketball player, Horseman, Hunting and Fishing enthousiast (Greece): Summer 2009
Petros is very good when it comes to doing Wilderness Survival Skills, Martial Arts and Forging Cutting Tools.
I am very happy with the advice he has offered regarding outdoor living and the knives and axes he has forged for me.

Customer: September 2009 Universal Bushcraft Course – Rhodopi Mountains
This is an astonishing Wilderness; Petro you make things look so easy.

Professional Craftsman & knifemaker (kazakstan): Spring 2010
Petro thank you for your information regarding making steel and flint blades, knives and bows. Petros trully posses’s deep knowledge about Bushcraft and Metallourgy.

Ex Military, Decorated, Proffessional Tracker- Ornithologist (UK): December 2010 Tracking and Scouting central Rhodopi mountains
Petros thank you for the hard work and for taking us in the mountains for tracking Bears. God bless you.

Maritime Businessman (Syria): March 2011
Petros you ‘ve been with us for a year. I appreciate your sharpness and awareness at certain aspects of the job. You are a good man and good for the job and everything is good in a good mans path. I wish you the best of luck.

Weapons and Tactics Specialist, Antiterrorism, Military Contractor (USA) : April 2011
Petros trully is the only military tracker in all the East of Europe. He is very good at what he does.

Flint Knapping and Primitive Technology Grandmaster, Author (UK): May 2011
To Peter Good Knapping.

Customer (Greece): Spring 2011
I have known Petros since 2000 when he introduced me in the art of Bushcraft. Since then we have spend numerous times in the wild practicing skills and tracking wildlife. There he revealed me several secrets about Bushcraft. Also i have several of his custom made cutting tools both knives and axe which are very tough and durable for the wilderness. They are excelent and outperform the requirements of wilderness tools. Petros is a wilderness man.

Customer (Greece): Summer 2012
I have two of the most well known bushcraft knives made in the UK and one of Petros’s custom knives and i must say that Petros’s knife is at least equal in craftsmanship and performance. The knife is very carefully crafted perfectly balanced and the sheathwork is excelent. It was delivered very quickly.

Customer (Greece): Spring 2013
I had a day in the wilderness with Petros and must say that i left with the finest of impressions. What i learned was usefull and practical.