About Courses

Wilderness training is taken to the next level.
We appreciate a variety of destinations in Greece and Abroad that offer excelent conditions, wildlife and amazing scenery to match the needs of each course or wilderness activity.
Courses are intensive focused and compact syllabus of instruction in knowledge and technology.
To join be prepared to study practice and work at a disciplined pace for the whole length of the courses duration.
Consider the line of prerequisites and maintain a reasonable level of fitness in order to endure the programme.
Try not to move onto more dificult topics, you will propably be frustrated or dissapointed.
Do not approach the courses as holidays and vacations.
Aktiston material has been organised in a well shorted structure that offers comprehensive courses being the result and solution to problems that was confronted when traveling in the wilderness.
We will do our best to meet you out there as perfectly prepared as possible. Bushcraft is an enormous subject.
Aktiston Associates are seasoned experts and Veterans of their Arts and Trades who will gladly share expertise and uncover secrets about any given topic.
We like small numbered practitioner courses for obvious reasons. We also like to keep Courses disperced in the calendar to keep inspiration and moral high. Wilderness Skills is for us our whole life and certainly respect it as a profession.
We believe that it is not an easy feat to train someone efficiently.
Courses are conducted entirely in wild country which is the potential environment in which you will be called upon confronting any situation so you actually get to experience first hand the true nature of the Wilderness. Next time you will be in the wild it will not be your first time.
Aktiston courses offer the maximum of our knowledge and expertise by all means without consealing essence. We constantly update and expand our knowledge and experience.
Ideally course’s dates are to be announced at least several weeks prior to being run. Read the terms and conditions in the FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact through e-mail to ask any information. Thank you very much!
Contact for information.