About Cutting Tools

My cutting tools as well as all other custom crafts being offered are produced using the most traditional methods and the simplest tools.
I offer a line of Aktiston Knife and Axe designs as well as other popular knife design EVOLVED VARIATIONS that i agree upon forging.
Blades are forged from premium sources of raw materials with most favorable UDDEHOLM and BOHLER Steel.
The steels used fall in the following categories, Carbon steel, Tool steel, Alloy steel and Powder Metallourgy steel.
Being offered in stock removal, anvil forged. Damascenes of various types can be acquired or produced upon demand.
Blades are Uddeholm heat treated inside industrial salt baths for extreme control and superb quality of the performance in the resulting item.
Custom heat treatment is available upon demand.
Blades are inspected thoroughly for integrity before being released.
Exotic projects can be undertaken upon special demand, also Carvings Scrimshaw and decorations of any kind.
Various tool handle materials can be incorporated upon demand.
Sheaths are made from premium Cretan vegetable tanned leather.
When i make a knife i pay a lot of attention to every possible detail and finish my tools with:
-Correct blade hardness
-Perfectly centered and straight cutting edge line.
-Homogenious flat bevels (at knives with flat grind) from both sides with ridged lines where the bevel meets the body of the blade.
-Anatomic handles.
Check for availability since custom knives and axes will be readily available at most times.
Please read also the terms and conditions in FAQ. Visit the News Section frequently.