Tracking & Scouting

Aktiston Tracking and Scouting falls in the following categories of services.
We realise the weight and responsibility that comes with each and every one of them.
-Tracking Tuition in basic to very advanced skills for the wild as well as the urban environment.
Grey Wolf, Wild Boar, Red Deer and ultimately the Brown Bear are dominant in the Hellenic Wilderness. Out of great love and dedication have included a special study for each individual species in an order that to my mind and experience seems fitting to compliment the lovely creatures increase understading and complete Aktiston System. The last approach is very usefull because it demistifies fears, increases appreciation, respect and disolves mentalities of possesiveness and arrogance towards animals.
Animals have a lot to teach those who still have space for new knowledge.
-Animal Tracking services for environmental companies and wildlife conservation organizations with a mind to promoting their research and field work.
-Man Tracking
> Rescue Man Tracking (Sub Category)
In our modern environement of technology and highly technical resources, Ancestral-Native skills can prove efficient and succesfull at pursuing life saving goals where everything else fails.
> Military Tracking (Sub Category)
Military Tracking is constantly becoming more rare and a dying art. This service is being developed and made available exclusively for the needs of the Law Enforcement & Military field.