Cretan White Mountains

Cretan White Mountains found on Island Crete obviously are the continuation of the geological formations that created the Pindos Mountain range and are literaly inline with them. They are located on the west side of the Island carrying heavy amounts of snow and ice during the cold months of the year being devited by the famous gorge of Samaria this being the largest in all of Crete.Tall peaks are to be found on the mountains reaching maximum height 2453m and counting about a dozen of them. Also mountainplains. Except the Samaria gorge others are found here such as Aradaina, St Eirini and others. The largest part of those mountains has been left to exposed rock but there are still shrub lands, beautyfull natural forests of Cypress, Pine, Cedar and inside gorges also Plane trees.
Very famous for this island is the Cretan Wild Goat, the Cretan Marten, the Cretan Wild Cat, the Cretan Spike Mouse and other smaller mammals. Rare species of serpent also live here, birds such as Gypaetous, Vulture, Golden Eagle and other birds of prey.
Many plant species some of which are hendemic to Greece some to Crete and some only to the specific area.
This is a very rugged landscape that is not to be underestimated ideal for Mountaineering, Sports, Birdwatching, Tracking, Bushcraft and offers great opportunities for practicing beyond the ordinary boundaries and comfort zone. It is surrounded by sea.
Also important to be stated here is that Those mountains as well as the rest of Crete is the Texas of the Mediteranean area having a very old tradition with firearms and weapons of all kinds.
Also important is that Crete has an ancient tradition in Trapping, Archery and Knife making surviving through the centuries until today.
Photos of the area will be published soon.