Grammos Mountain

Grammos Mountain is one of the three Distinct Bear Countries to be found here in Greece together with Rhodopi and Pindos Mountains. It is a tall Mountain inline with others and an extention to the North of the Pindos Mountains reaching 2520m and is a natural border with Albania lying between Ipirous and west Macedonia.
At low altitudes is covered with dense forests of Black Pines, Oaks and other trees and as one ascends finds Beech and Fir forests.
The area is famous for its rare fauna which includes Bear, Wolf, Wild Goat Rupicarpa, Roe Deer, Wild Cat, Wild Boar and other smaller species of mammal. Also Golden Eagle, Vulture, Wild Hen and other birds species. Between two of its peaks a beautyfull lake is found surrounded by Beech forests.
Hundreds of rare insect species, the amphibians, the serpents make the area literaly a zoological paradise.
The plant flora which has not been yet fully documented includes species rare to the Balcans.
The area is accessible by 4×4 and is ideal for Tracking, Bushcraft, Sports, Birdwatching. The winter is heavy with lots of snow and low temperatures.
Grammos is a rich true Wilderness with serious potential for all types of interest. Photos of the area will be published soon.