Melos & Kimolos Islands

Melos and Kimolos Islands are placed together because of their geographic position and geological & historic importance. Being very close to each other they are easyly accessible by boat.
Melos is a very important island by all means with a very interesting geological diversity. It is a volcanic island and has been populated since the prehistoric times. Here was the source of Obsidian a popular material for the construction of cutting tools during the Neolithic Era and was distributed throughout the whole of the Mediteranian. That was done at Phylakopi.
Here was found the statue of Aphrodites and the catacombs. The island has astonishing seashores and rich sea life while the mainland is equaly interesting hosting a variety of birds like birds of prey and grouse, insects, and serpents among which the Viper of Melos only to be found here and at Naxos island.
The destination is ideal for Bushcraft, Tracking, in technology of the deserts and the seashore and a must for Primitive Technology enthousiasts. Excelent country for Hiking the mainland although the massive mine structures can be a bit of putting but they however blend in with the landscape.
Unless one travels to this place can not grasp the energy and vibe that exists here.
Kimolos is known for the chalk mines. Hense its deposits in concoidal fracture potent rocks.
Photos will be published soon.