Nestos Delta

Nestos Delta is a large area which can be divited into two distinct landscapes of particular interest, the river’s narrow and the river’s delta.
The first is a huge ravine with steep slopes being runned by the river before it meets up with the delta. Here the steep slopes of the narrows are covered by forests of Oak, Ash, Juniper, Arbute-Berry shrubs etc and along the river a line waterloving plantation with trees such as Alder, Plane, Populus, Ulmus species grow. Fauna includes the Otter, serpents, waterloving birds and birds of prey. Also many plant species. Picture the landscape plus the massive river Nestos.
Finaly this ends in the Huge delta which hosts the ancient forest of Kotza Orman in Turkic which means the mega forest. Today only party of it survives in prestine condition and is an important ecosystem. Here one finds White Poplar, Black Poplar, Maple, Elm, a rare species of Ash which grows only in this forest.
Many animal species among which Wild Boar, Wolf, Two species of Jackal, Otter, Badger, Fox, Hare more rare Roe Deer and in older times Lynx.
Also bird species like the pheasant which is found in Greece in wild state.
This is a forest of particular interest and is ideal for Tracking, Bushcraft, Birdwatching.
Photos will be published soon.