Olymbos Mountain

Olymbos Mountain is the tallest Mountain in all of Greece reaching 2917 meters in Height. It is the most well known of all Greek Mountains for its connection with gods of Mythology and as a destination for Mountaineering and winter sports. It is a national Park and a Very Serious Mountain with many concealed dangers .It streches between Macedonia and Thessaly. It presents many tall peaks, gorges and ravines as well as heavily forested areas at which dominant trees are the Black pine, White pine, Beech, a rare species of Fir the Black Fir. Here Wild Goat , Wolf, Fox, Hare, Wildcat, Wild Boar, Badger, Roe deer, Weasel, many small mammal species and Bat species are to be found. In Olymbos are found most of the Greek Bird species also insects, serpent and amphibians.
Regarding plant species the Mountain hosts 1700 species of plants known since ancient years for their medicinal properties.
In this Mt the Winter Mountain Warfare Center of the Military is positioned. The destnation is ideal for Bushcraft, Animal Tracking and all other outdoor activities. During Winter it reaches many meters of snow and temperatures as low as minus 30 celcius. Particular interest is to be found at the Wolf populations surviving here and in general this is an Ancient Wilderness that should not be underestimated at any cost. This is not a joke!
Photos will be published soon!