Parnassos Mountain

Parnassos Mountain is very well known for being connected with many incidents of Greek Mythology and History and in modern times for its tourist facilities and skying resorts. The magnificent Mountain stretches over Delphi and its tallest peak reaches 2457 meters in height. Most of its magnificent dense forests are to be found at altitude of 1600 meters with dominant tree species the Fir, Black pine and Juniper. Other tree species are also found. Here one also finds many hendemic plant species some growing only in the general area some to be found all over Greece and some only on this mountain. Regarding animals wild boar, wolf are to be found and also other species such as foxes, martens, squirells, hares etc. The area is reach in bird species as well as birds of prey like Vulture, Gypaetus, Golden Eagle who find shelter on the tall crevices in the rocky slopes and high in the dense mountain tree tops. Crow, Woodpecker, Owl etc is also to be found.
Parnassos is great for Bushcraft, extremely tough terrain for Serious Tracking and Winter skills, orienteering as well as mountain running, martial arts preparation and relaxed camping. The Mountain is NOT to be underestimated during Winter and one can easily be cut off for several days. Skyis and Snowshoes are necessary. Don’t go unprepared.
This is an Ancient Wilderness and a National Park that resists the surrounding human activity and anyone who will visit the Mt. will be greatly rewarded, the destination being within a couple of hour driving range from Athens. Photos of the area are to published soon!