Parnitha Mountain

Parnitha Mountain hosts a very rugged ancient wilderness. This is trully one of the toughest wilderness to practice Tracking and if one learns to track in this terrain then can track anywhere. The legal restrictions on this Mountain are very strict.
Parnitha gives home to the largest Red deer population in all of Greece. A healthy indigenous population. Also to other mammals such as Fox, Badger, Roe deer, Marten, Weasel, Hare, Red Squirell, and others and interestingly enough one witnesses a very interesting phenomena that of the presence of Wild Dogs that play up to a point the role of Wolf which is ubsent from this mountain. Also ubsent is the Wild Boar and the Bear and the last Lynx was hunted to its extinction in 1963 by a hunter. Also present is large variety of birds including that of Prey. The mountain has rich variety of Fungi species and plant species that count over 1100 in number known since ancient years.
The mountain is positioned as a north barrier to Attika and the City of Athens. During the heart of the winter it easily reaches 2-3 meters of snow and minus 15 celsius.
You can see photos in the Intermediate level – Tracking – Tracking the Red deer
Parnitha is the most favorable location for my school daily activities the Pecker wood Kids Education. The Mountain resists the surrounding human activity and although it is a huge national Park it still allows plenty of legal margin for serious dedicated practice in all aspects of wilderness and combat skills.
The Mountain is not to be underestimated as any mature wilderness person will imediatelly discover upon visiting the destination.
More photos will be published soon!