Pindos Mountain

Pindos Mountain Range is the spine of central Greece a geological continuation of mountain formations that stretch all the way North to European countries and South into Pelloponese and furhter down to Crete and its White Mountains. Pindos is massive offering hundreds of kilometers of wilderness to be crossed length wise being very wide and diverse. Within the range many distinctive Mountains and wildernesses most of which are National Parks are to be found such as Valia Kalda, Voidomatis river, and others. The massive area offers tremendous diversity in landscape with Mountain tops, gorges, ravines, pastures, heavy forests, streams, rivers and deep valeys and alpine lakes.
Dominant tree species are the Black pine, White pine, Macedonian Fir, Beech, Forest pine as well as others. Here one can meet Bear. Otter, Wolf, Wild boar, Wild cat, Wild Goat and others. Bird species such as King Eagle, Falcon, eight species of Wood Pecker, amphibian and fish species, serpents and insects which are very reach in numbers and diversity. Many species of plants are to be found.
Pindos is truly Vast and could easily consume a mans life time trying to explore it.
During winter offers harsh conditions and is lovely to visit all year round with the necessary preparation. The mountains are reach in history from ancient years up until the times of world war two with great legends.
Photos will be published soon!