Rhodopi Mountain Range

Rhodopi Mountain Range is an astonishing Wilderness and a complex of heavily forested mountains whose one third is found inside the Hellenic borders. The part on the Greek soil is defenately the wildest and the one that has been kept in its most prestine condition since ancient years.
Inside this mountain range many interesting areas are to be found such as Elatia or else Kara Dere, the Fractos Forest which is the most prestine forest in all of Europe also known as Zagradenia which is a National park and a Monument of Nature, and other areas Lepidas forest, Birch trees forest, Falacron mountain, Stamna gorge, Nestos River, Haidu and Kula mountains as well as others. Rhodopi mountain Range is in border with Boulgaria.
Basic characteristics of those mountains are the dense forests, steep slopes, streams and rivers and its tremendous diversity in everythting. In those mountains one can find Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, Wild Boar, Red Deer, Lynx, Roe Deer, Red Fox, Red Squirell, Wild Cat, Marten and others also many species of woods birds Black Wood Pecker, Crow, and birds of prey Golden eagle etc. Very rich in species of Amphibians, Serpents and Insects. Many endemic and rare species of plants, flowers and Fungi. Dominant tree species are the Alder, Willow, Oak, Black and Forest pine, Beech, Spruce, Fir and others. Rhodopi forests are the most southern presence of Taiga Widerness in all Europe having been created many thousants of years ago with the expansion of the glacial era. During the cold months temperatures regularly drop minus thirty degrees celcius and many meters of snow are easily reached.
Rhodopi Mountain Range is defenatelly the crown of all Greek Wildernesses and my ultimate destination in Greece. Please view Photogallery for photos from these mountains.