Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book or arrange for a course?
You contact and place your interest regarding the topic or course you wish to attend.
We send you a communication-booking form with info terms and conditions, this has to be filled in and returned along with a color photocopy of your passport or identity. These are kept as a safety file.
Without this one can not participate.
To book a minimum 40% of the tuition fee is to be transferred in a pay-pal account and the rest of the amount is submited in a second instalment prior to the activity. (this is our way to doing things now)
-Some courses have a fixed price.
-Others are calculated by the days of duration depending on the number of participants etc.
-There is also Personal tuition available. Please contact for information.

What if someone wishes to withdraw from the syllabus?
He-she is free to do so even without explanations and there will be at least a minimum refund of the amount that coincides the days of tuition he or she won’t be receiving. Please consider carefully all aspects before joining us.

What steps are taken regarding safety in the woods?
Forestry and police will have been notified about the activities and there will be proximity to mountain huts and shelters.
Personal health problems and medications are reported prior to participating
There will be a proper first aid kit present to the activities.
Also any other necessary piece of equipment such as firearm, emergency gear, etc.
We do our best to meet you out there as perfectly prepared Mentally and Physically in order to prevent and confront any negative situation.

What about catering?
All my courses are catered at least 3 meals a day plus other nibbles in between. Rations will be administered upon demand.
The same stands for the necessary material-tools of every course, program

Are we going to live of the land?
Yes and we will also show each participant how to do this properly. BUT
Be warned if you are interested in participating and learning through this system with the purpose to kill or become lethal and solo motive to exploit and abuse nature its inhabitants and people reconsider. In case during a course someone purpose fully kills (without permission) even a snail or a rat WILL be immediately removed. This knowledge is intended SOLELY for your personal education, experience, and personal Mastery which will INEVITABLY LEAD in your ability to stay ALIVE in case you will ever need it for self-defense and self sustenance. PLEASE it is not a joke. Not proclaiming some short of Holiness at this point, instead simply make things clear at the beginning. WE PARTICULARLY DISLIKE UNNECESSARY KILLINGS.

Will I be shown any topics besides the courses syllabus?
It depends, basically yes if the level of psychology of the person or team allows I and my instructors will show more things; besides bushcraft is a unity of topics and issues tightly interwoven. However one hasn’t the right to demand anything beyond the courses outline.

How do I order a craft?
You contact and we come to a decision about the type of craft in demand. No deposit!
When the item is available or correctly and perfectly finished, we contact you to arrange the rest of the deal. This way we don’t stress about rushing the construction of the item. I Will then give you a rough time estimate within which’ll try my best to deliver. The longer it takes the better it will be. One should be over 21 years of age for being able to order a craft of potentialy harmfull nature.

What if I am not content with a product?
As long as the product is returned (within an agreed number of days) in prestine condition you will receive full refund.
In this case it would be preferable to share the reasons of your dislike regarding the item.