Terms & Conditions

-No trash burnt in fires
-No trash burial aloud. All are carried back in bags.
-Extreme caution is demanded and practiced in personal and latrine hygiene. In extended isolated courses a small rapture of the hygiene discipline will definitely lead in a team falling apart by illnesses.
-Lighting campfires will be under constant surveillance and discussion since courses take place in wilderness close or inside National parks. The laws in Greece are very strict. The same applies for our Ultimate Frontier Courses. Our firelighting is covered by strict protocol.
-Hacking live trees down is not allowed. Materials and foodstuffs will be issued upon demand.
-No trapping of live creatures is allowed. Aktiston is a life saving system not a life taking one. Harmless decoy snares will be set instead. We explain and demonstrate everything during the courses. Setting live traps is strictly forbidden and highly illegal. This however will not affect in any way the efficiency of your skills and your enjoyment during training. Carefull explanation and practice will dissolve any worries and questions that may arise.
-Picking antlers, skulls, bones as well live plants, tree specimens and antiquities is not allowed and forbidden by Law.
-The character of the system promotes respect and care for nature, a peaceful disciplined philosophy towards personal evolution as well as team work regarding revealing the keys for no nonsense skills and crafts.
-When we travel we travel as light as possible
-Courses are not postponed dew to weather conditions except if their extreme and luck of preparation could prove dangerous for safety.
-Code of behavior
I promote conversation and civilized means of communication. In the end of the day I am trying my best to keep everybody happy within reasonable levels considering the fact that I ’m only human my self.
Will be keeping my eyes peeled in order that nobody receives unfair unjust treatment. To no participant including myself is aloud to be hyronic, rude, abrupt, possessive, competitive, showing of, violent, moral and sexual harassment etc. The above are totally unacceptable. The last thing we need is trouble when many miles from civilization.

GOOD reasons to reconsider joining my tuition
-If you are the type of person who thinks that the customer is always right no matter what!
-If you are the type of customer who likes the modern marketing approach to things and instead of seeking out essence complains about everything!
-If you think that this is vacations!!! Of course you will be set free to relax and walkabout as long as this doesn’t interfere with the program. We won’t push you beyond your limits but think before hand that when you join the course and finaly out in the wild it may not be the way you expected it.
-If your purpose of coming is to challenge us. We do find ways to improve ourselves otherwise!
-Bare in mind that money and image are not my sole motives for doing this. If during contact through phone call or e-mail you behave disrespectfully you will be totally ignored. Please respect my time.
-Keep in mind that courses as well as products depend on the availability of raw materials such as game, suitable firewood, construction materials, time for seasoning, metals, leather, heat treatment procedures etc which must be located and acquired depending on the occasion. Also acquiring licenses cooperating with locals-authorities, location recon and in general putting together many little details to make your products and experience superbly satisfying, beneficial and unforgettable. Those things are time consuming and expensive.
-We are very interested about your opinion which will be scoped thoroughly but we will continue to do what is necessary to deliver efficiency rather than marketing friendly solutions. We pay attention to the fruit not to the flower.
We respect ourselves as much as we respect you. To teach efficiently is really hard work. Remember that while we do the best to expertly demonstrate, explain show all vital details and inspire you to practice, the resulting outcome is bound completely to the motivation that you apply in your efforts. When finaly join us please focus in your Evolution.
-Great care will be taken to deliver our maximum towards your safety, education and satisfaction. Pace and intensity will be adapted to the person’s-team’s rhythm and potential. BUT remember the curiculum you purchase we try for you to complete.
-Predators and mammals traps and weapons issues are included ONLY for the sake of study’s completion.
-Important Notice
This knowledge is intended SOLELY for your personal education, experience, and personal Mastery which will INEVITABLY LEAD in your ability to stay ALIVE in case you will ever need it for self-defense and self sustenance.
-Don’t hesitate to contact for information of any kind. Will be very happy to help.