Some notices to make things clear and avoid future friction. READ CAREFULLY

-All the information administered within this website including the <About/Testimonials> texts are Real.
System & Courses structure and curriculum, Ideas, Services and various Projects, including Cutting tool designs are genuine and of my personal conception.
All presentations are true and i do not have any need to make false claims or copy someone else.
The opposite is happening for sure and in large scale. If in some cases happen to take a foreign tool design or shape further by evolving it into something that to my opinion is Better and more Efficient, i always mention the source of its origin. Those cases of course are rare exceptions.
After the tool is processed and evolved i would not go back from where it came from for no reason because what i do in terms of Products and Services is meant solely for Hard Core Performance in the Wilderness…nothing else !
My mind never stops spinning around this Subject and how it can be made better. It is simply my personal opinion and way. That seems to count in the world of Bushcraft. I am honored and happy about that!

-What is taught here at Aktiston is not BULLSHIT. It works for real.
Aktiston Perception does not come over a night.
It has been tested in real conditions with extremes in terms of intensity and duration. All can learn it if meticulously study and practise it without complexity.
Please approach our Services and Products with a mature spirit and a respectfull heart for the wellbeing of all. You will be compensated! Thats a promise!
What we offer is intended only for survival and selfdefence situations. There are also very strict legal considerations behind all this.