June 6th 2014

Dear Friends!

We are pleased to return after a long period of revamping our website.

Looking forward to an adventurous summer with you all!

Thank you


September 18th 2013

Dear Friends! Wishes for a happy Autumn!

A new Bushcraft and Tracking Season has begun. Good practice!!!

Excuse me for not publishing in some time now but have been very buzy with lots of things that needed our attention here!I want to thank you again for your love and support all this time.

More news are on their way…also in Greek!!! Petros


July 3rd 2013

Dear friends Aktiston is a Hellenic/Greek Bushcraft System. It is a Hellenic/Greek concept! Aktiston Bushcraft System cutting tools are Hellenic/Greek Bushcraft cutting tools.

Knives and Axes as well as other wilderness and combat oriented tools are Hellenic/Greek! Greek Bushcraft Knives, Greek Bushcraft Axes and so on… System and tools may be Universal in application/efficiency but they have their own Identity and origin, and this is Hellenic/Greek.

Regarding Aktiston which is the name of the Bushcraft System.

The Hellenic/Greek Bushcraft System. Aktiston is a Powerfull term which encompasess many elements above all the need of the Human being to reach high as well as look around, search and discover, touch the Ultimate Source and Its Influence in the Creation, part of which is the Wilderness and its inhabitants. The effect of our actions upon everyone and everything. Nature, Animals, every kind of life and Humans of course.

Aktiston is above all An Orthodox Term and i apply it with permission as well as the utmost care and respect in order to give no excuse and none has been given until today against it. Upholding the responsibility and showing respect towards the belief of all. This Bushcraft System is Orthodox Christian oriented and supportive. I respect every Doctrine and walk of Faith. But i choose mine. I strongly recommend all to follow The Mysterial Life Of Orthodox Christianity if you so desire.Only then will you be able to EXPERIENCE the power and truth of this PATH.

Do not be fooled that this website is intended to disrespect your Faiths and beliefs or TURN YOU into something else than you already are. I write those things in order to help you understand who and what and have no misconceptions about what is provided here. More will be written about Aktiston Term which is how this Bushcraft System is named. What the System stands for. I am Hellinas/Greek and Baptised Christian Orthodox. This is the very foundation of my Being. My deepest essence. I will not say proud because pride is always a bad thing. Pride comes before fall. Just making things clear for all to read and understand what they need to understand! Thank you very much! Petros


June 16th 2013

Dear Visitors! We have some really good news!

-Firstly i need to say that the section/About has been updated with the latest in confirmed news. Please read carefully!  It seems that the Aktiston Bushcraft Axe has also found its place amongst the finest and most efficient bushcraft axe patterns…look for the Wetterlings Bushman Axe and then do your comparisons. It is obviously an almost perfect imitation of my original Axe pattern. A little homework will help here. They even imitated the way i present my Axe in my website in comparison with a Swedish Brand Axe for reasons of sizing and design features. Thumbs up to you boys!!! I am sorry but i have to mention it! Copying is not good and not mentioning the source is even worse. Also i must say that your version of my Axe is lucking in some of its fine features, and shows a limited understanding of its structure. It is an inferior imitation! Aktiston Bushcraft Designs are of my personal concept and of course Hellenic/Greek not foreign !!! I hope i was understood! Keep in mind that all Aktiston Bushcraft System cutting tools are Registered Patents so If someone needs to debate the above stated may feel free to contact me and Aktiston Stuff at any time. We will be happy to help you!!!   -We are celebrating 30 years of involvement with Wilderness Survival and the Outdoors Skills so many good things are on their way. -Aktiston Bushcraft System has its new page in Facebook…look for it and give us a like please. Its new so we need it…thank you!!! Nice stuff will begin to be published soon in both pages. Let us know what you prefere most. Don’t hesitate to contact us here too!

– A new line of Tactical Bushcraft Cutting tools has been developed. I do not know when i will be publishing it. -More good news are on their way so stay close! Again a big thank you to all Aktiston Friends for your support!  Petros


June 15th 2013

Sto parelthon eho dosi oles tis aparaitites proidopiisis se osous eihan kakous skopous kai arnitika shedia enantion mas. Auto to ekana gia na tous prostatepso apo tin diki tous kakia, agnoia kai ilithiotita. Theoro perito na epanalamvanome diarkos. Apo edo kai sto exis to kathe atomo i omada atomon oi opioi tha prospathisoun na kanoun zimia se emas kai to Aktiston tha einai apolyta ypeuthinoi gia oti nomimes synepies tha ypostoun.   June 6th 2013 Last month we had the most visits in all the years that this website has been up ang going. A big thank you to all the visitors who made this posssible. I will try to return you with this kindness by publishing something nice! Also keep in mind that we are building something in facebook which will be more interactive and provide information on topics available crafts etc. Petros


May 13th 2013

When i publish usefull information for all my nice visitors, i do so in order to assist their research and study towards a healthy direction. Do i have to give away everything at once? Of course not!!! Then why do you ask me more about Ninjutsu essence and not try to discover something by your selves? Ninjustsu essence is all about maintaining justice in a society of corruption. Not applying justice but preventing bad things from happening. It is not by chance that Emperor Ieyasu Tokugawa in medieval Japan unified the whole country in six months with only as many as 300 Shinobi of the Iga and Koga provinces. Corruption today has penetrated every level of society’s infrustructure. The situation seems hopeless. But is it really? It is important for good people in all levels of command and influence to act against this course of action and destroy evil plans regardless. Few seem to understand that Society is comprised by single individuals making individual decisions. Team work comes next. Yesterday i found on the wall on my facebook account a picture by some guy who had publish a photo with baby children fallen dead victims of an attack somewhere in Syria. I must say that i found the sight terribly unacceptable and got really sick and upset. Most people would simply erase the photo or even report it and move on as if nothing happened. But this is wrong. Most would say: Ok what can i do about it? You must begin by using your mind and heart as well as your body in a productive and focused manner. You must force your self to aspiring to a mentality of rejection against such actions. Say within you: This is unacceptable, i refuse to accept that someone has the right to do such evil. Use your will power. Exactly the same way you use it to fullfill any other nessecity or defend your rights at the supermarket queue. Start with that and within a short time you will discover a whole new world of possibilities towards good stuff! Then and since everything is connected your actions will eventually have a Universal Impact. A positive one. It is true and it can be done, i can reasure you about it! Questions solved i think! Thank you for reading…!


May 2nd 2013 

I am being asked often what is the essence of Ninjutsu and it is true that i have promised to publish an article regarding that. It means something else on the outside and something entirely different on the inside. This is one of its most prominent aspects! Few ever master the true meaning of this! Imagine an ancient clan of Warriors training in the heavily forested mountains, deep in the wilderness preparing for combat under their sacred code of conduct, their ideals and Ethos.

Centuries of mystical tradition being passed on from generation to generation with one purpose! Fearing nothing. Being entirely dedicated in their pursuit, loyal to the end. And as the mist in the forested steep slopes surrounds everything touching it softly seing everything, flowing constantly…nothing can grasp the nature of the mist or see beyond it. Nothing can contain it or stop it. So does the essence of Ninjutsu stretches far beyond mere Secrecy or even Tactical Strategy and War Techniques. Spend some time to think what is the meaning of it! Why that is so, and why it is necessary. Of course there are a lot more aspects to this Martial Path making this Art so unique and complete. The Art is Alive! The Universal Powers and the Spirits of the Ancestors supervise constantly the wellbeing of the Path and its Lineage. In time more information will be provided. This is dedicated to all Bugei enthousiasts and of course to all true Ninpo practitioners who understand the True Heart.   And to not forget the Holy days we are in! My wishes for a Happy Easter to all of you dear visitors and may the Light of Resurrection bring peace and blessings in your lives!


March 10th 2013

Dear Visitors! My wishes for a happy Spring full of wilderness activities and lots of Bushcraft practice. Nature is waking up from its long sleep and goes through beautifull fases of change which offer the opportunity for unique experiences. This is a good time to go tracking, study plants, practice your firelighting skills always within a margin of safety, do crafts as well as other topics. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out what is being put together here. Thank you! Petros   Project News and More: -New Courses are being put together and will soon be made available.

-More pure Aktiston Bushcraft knife designs are on their way together with other evolved popular designs, including Hunter and Trapper, Kukri, Bowie, Parang, Matchete, Bushcraft knives and blades also for Ninpo practitioners. -The Book project is proceeding well.

-The is on its way.

-Have been developing a weapon-tool for traveling in the wild a combination Dagger-Spear ideal for defence against pack animals, large predators , defence against individual threats or even simply used for extreme bushcraft applications. Its name is the Aktiston Wilderness Warrior a dependable craft.

-A line of shelter and trail wood stoves are being developed for Wilderness Traveling.

-Have finished my new Tracking Scouting, Special Combat and Bushcraft Bladesmithing Logos which will be published any time now.