Notes on Personal thinking

Hellenic Peculiarities

  • Filakopi in Melos island was the greatest production and distribution of obsidian blades in the Neolithic era in all the Mediterranean.
  • Greece many centuries B.C. gave rise to four major fighting styles: Akrohirismos: A kind of grappling style incorporating the use of thick leather copper plated chest armor in conjunction with a short wide double edged dagger originating in the Mycenaean era. Pali later known as Greco-Roman wrestling, Pigmi surviving today as boxing but different in application than the modern sport and Pankration a lethal complete contact style allowing all but biting and eye injuries. Every region from northern Greece to Crete had its own unique method of training, preparation and fighting. This system according to many ancient philosophers came to us through the Atlantians and over the centuries made its way through Asia surviving today in an as prestine condition as possible in Japan known as Tai Jutsu. Grand Masters of this country openly admit the systems connection and ancestry to Greece. Many modern researchers look back in search of evidence that will uncover completely the mystery regarding the arts and its legends.
  • The Olympic games.
  • Change in climatic conditions during ancient times until today brought changes in vegetation and animals. Lions roamed ancient Greece. The withdrawal of the glacial expanses left in the northernmost parts of Greece massive actual taiga forests.
  • Did you know that exist pyramids in Greece?
  • Celts and Vikings left their markings of passing.
  • Powerful Persian, Roman influence.
  • Latinocracy, Enetocracy, Islamic nations and the 1000 year old Byzantine empire.
  • Four centuries of Ottoman suppression
  • Composite bows (Scythians, Persians, Huns, Turks, Mongolians) Greece being the cross road of those cultural Waves.
  • Endemic plant species with powerful Medicinal chemistry renowned for their properties since ancient times.
  • Not recorded fungal fauna due to the constant discovery of new species. (personally have discovered and delivered to the university of mycology an undocumented Limacella species)
  • Lethal spider species Phoneutria. Equally toxic to any tropical spider species. Also other rare species such as Chameleons and insects.
  • The unique Viper of Melos (macrovipera schweizeri).
  • Hellas being the largest bear country in Europe.
  • I must not forget to mention the sea turtles and the seal species we have.

These are some interesting elements about this country.