Tool Specifications

Aktiston Bushcraft cutting tools have been born after many years of experience in the wilderness.
They are being offered in a wide range of innovative and evolved, practical, efficient designs and qualities to suit all needs.
Other popular designs are also available.


  • Readily available blades with the handles and sheaths worked around them.
  • Stock removal produced tools.
  • Anvil Forged tools.
  • Forged folded-laminated tools.


  • Carbon steels. AISI 1060-1095 and others.
  • Tools steels O1, D2 and others.
  • Alloyed tool steels.
  • Powder metalurgy steels.

Heat treatments:

  • Through hardened (with stress relieved back and tang-Optional)
  • Hamon (isolated hardened edge-soft back)
  • Iron body-steel edge
  • Tough spring temper (through hardened)

Handle and Sheath materials:

  • Various woods and burs
  • Exotic materials (Bone, Horn, Antler, Mammoth ivory)
  • Leather