Basic Cold Weather

A course meant to introduce future outdoor enthusiasts and backwoods folk to low temperature environment skills and necessary technology for wilderness living, enough to get you started and keep you going. Low temperature and short light is a serious barrier and not something to be overlooked or underestimated.

  • Introduction in to no and with snow conditions environment.
  • The right wilderness gear and personal preparation.
  • Organizing life when light is short and cold weather priorities.
  • Fundamental use of cutting tools.
  • Hatchet in cold weather and introduction to its safe use.
  • Starting and maintaining fire including by friction with the Subarctic Fire Drill when cold and damp.
  • Immediate response shelters and low temperature personal protection.
  • Cordage.
  • Traps.
  • Water.
  • Improvise a worthy heavy canvas arctic parka.
  • The Roy croft snowshoe and pack frame.
  • Make a pair of soft snow shoe moccasin.
  • Personal care and hygiene.
  • Orientation, to stay or to fly.
  • Campfire relaxing.

Duration: 2,5-3 days

Participants: 3-9 People

Destinations: Rhodopi Mountains, Pindos Mountains, Kissavos Mt, Parnassos Mt Parnitha Mt.

Prerequisites: None, however Practical Bushcraft can be a plus.