Training in fundamental level combat skills

Fighting skills and martial arts were born out of necessity. They also serve innumerable other purposes; people don’t understand their existence and potential.
We don’t see wars any more the way our ancestors did.
Those who possess the genuine understanding don’t share their view with their successors for various reasons.
Modern men-women don’t posses a strong spirit and a genuine initial motive to keep their search going forth. Scientific discoveries and firearms are enormously responsible for that.
Genuine martial preparation isn’t a game.
All four levels pertain physical, mental, technical issues of excel when confronted with danger, the ability to recognize the potential dynamic solution
Also contribute in living a balanced happy life.

  • Mental and spiritual refinement.
  • Human the Ultimate weapon. Understanding structure and mechanics
  • The essence of fighting spirit. Mental structure.
  • Breathing.
  • Meditation.
  • Understanding your center and your vital energy. Finding one point.
  • Contact with the natural elements.
  • Wilderness fitness. Exercising for strength, endurance, elasticity, speed.
  • Rolls, brake falls and leaps.
  • Evasive body movement against armed threats.
  • Hand to hand combat. Blocks, strikes, attacks, locks, throws.
  • Ground fighting.
  • Praying, Channeling. Contact with the source.
  • Understanding the present.
  • The five elements and their importance.
  • Healing and restoring injuries.
  • Human anatomy.
  • Differences between sports and methods.
  • Nutrition of the Wilderness Fighter.
  • Moving in the absence of light.
  • Philosophy of defence and self sustenance.