Practical Bushcraft

Designed for those people seeking to shyly bring them selves into outdoor activities, obtain an insight into bushcraft and wilderness skills, leaving with a big smile and a full heart. This is the most Basic course and provides the necessary tuition and contact for taking your interest further safely.

  • Selecting, using and caring your wilderness gear properly.
  • Improvising shelters quickly with natural and manmade materials.
  • Introduction to priorities of living in the wilderness.
  • The Bushcraft knife.
  • Fire lighting with modern and traditional means: The Scout Friction Drill, care and safety.
  • Basic backwoods cooking.
  • Finding and purifying water
  • Scout pot suspension
  • Elemental map reading and compass use. Natural means of orientation.
  • Making natural cordage.
  • Setting a snare.
  • Backcountry hygiene and menace awareness.
  • Familiarization with local fauna, flora and the concept of bushcraft.
  • Leave no trace philosophy.

Duration: 2,5-3 days

Participants: 3-9 People

Destinations: Rhodopi Mountains, Pindos Mountains, Kissavos Mt, Parnassos Mt, Parnitha Mt.

Prerequisites: None