Guerilla Bladesmith

Sooner or later everyone is wondering how wood working and wilderness tools are made and how they could be improvised at a hitch with next to nothing. This course is meant to introduce to the fundamental forging methods and tool construction for an absolutely improvised civilization free guerilla craft. What you make during the course is of course yours to keep.

  • Initiation to the fundamentals of bladesmithing and metallurgy.
  • Using easily acquired or improvised guerilla tools.
  • Working in the backwoods setting a forge at a blink.
  • Recycling scrap materials such as old files, spring leafs, car springs etc.
  • Making a Scandinavian knife, a draw knife also African style blades.
  • Backwoods heat treatments, basic blacksmithing chemistry.
  • Basic handles and leather craft, making sheaths with grass, barks, rawhide.
  • Tool making technologies of various cultures.
  • Sharpening and understanding the limits of your new tools.