Practical Bushcraft Bladesmith

Practical Bushcraft Bladesmith course is the introduction to the subject of forging tools for wilderness survival combining the mind of the Blacksmith and the Bushman. Emphasis is being placed into how to construct a small workshop and backyard forge for fullfilling the needs of constructing traditional blade patterns quickly and accurately. Scrap and recycled material are the main source of the tools resources for reasons of economy and ecology. The enthousiasm and satisfaction that results from attending this brief course can not be described.

  • What you make during the course is of course yours to keep.
  • Demystifying the six stages of blade smithing
  • The tools
  • The skills
  • The materials
  • The backyard forge
  • Grinding and filling
  • Heat treatments
  • Sharpening methods
  • Handles and sheaths for your blades
  • Traditional designs for knives, axes and arrowheads

Duration: 2.5-3 Days
Participants: 3-9 Peoples
Destinations: The backyard Workshop
Prerequisites: None