Predator Mind

Finding food in the wild is tightly interwoven with the ability to construct efficient equipment without wasting time. This course is dedicated to introducing new backwoods folk in the world of projectiles and the predatory perception. Learn quit a few useful things that work; in a few days.
Make a Spear and understand its applications.
Construct and use a simple Atlatl and javelin.
Built an easily improvised Self bow string & arrows and learn how to use it.
Boomerang-tomahawk projectile improvisation and throwing.
Knife and its span of uses from a carving to a throwing instrument.
Fire lighting by friction (various methods)
Make a digging stick.
The simplest but deadliest of snares.
Turning a green skin into rawhide.
Duration: 2,5-3 days
Participants: 3-9 People
Destinations: Rhodopi Mountains, Pindos Mountains, Kissavos, Parnitha
Prerequisites: None