Universal Bushcraft

This course builds upon the skills learned in the Practical Bushcraft Course but it can be also attended on its own. It is very important to understand the essence of the five elements in Nature. By obtaining a complete structure of wilderness skills the practitioner is firmly introduced in the magic of this Art. With this skill set on can vanish in the woods.

This is the only week long course in the Fundamental level Wilderness Survival Skills category.

  • Priorities in the wilderness
  • Aktiston bushcraft philosophy
  • Safety in the outdoors
  • Selecting and using safely a bushcraft knife
  • Selecting and using safely a wilderness hatchet.
  • Other essential tools
  • Sharpening and caring for your tools
  • Woodcarving
  • Selecting the right materials
  • Clothes and gear
  • Cordage from plant fibers
  • Fire lighting methods including lighting by friction: The Bow Drill
  • Universal Shelters
  • Regarding water
  • Pot suspension methods
  • Trapping, fishing and hunting methods
  • Trees, plants, fungi for food medicine utility
  • Crafts and projects for wilderness applications
  • Wilderness cooking
  • Outdoor hygiene
  • Natural means of orientation

Duration: 6,5-7 days

Participants:3-9 People

Destinations: Rhodopi Mountains, Pindos Mountains, Kissavos Mt, Parnitha Mt

Prerequisites: None, however the Practical Bushcraft Course can be a Plus