Wilderness Fitness

The Wilderness is a Universe of imovable demand. Good shape is necessary in the wild for coping with daily chores and dealing with the seasonal adversities of the wilderness through out its elements. Whether you are pushing through deep snow, crossing a river, climbing a tree or chopping rounds with your axe, good condition will make life a lot easier. Your speed, agility and endurance may as well be your last line of defence in time of harsh testing. This course takes the interested practitioner through the methods, exercises and techniques of training efficiently in the wild prior to preparing for athletic events, combat or simply enjoying a lifestyle of outdoors sports. Physical training is also important for forging the correct mentality and character. Tough conditioning is path towards serious mental development. Good fitness is respected as super necessary by many indigenous peoples of the globe. The principals envolved are a fusion of Japanese Shinobi and Sp.Forces conditioning as well as other elements universal to all ancient cults and serious sports. Contact your physisian before attending.

  • Wilderness the Ultimate training hall
  • The human anatomy and potential
  • Earth, water, fire, wind, air and wood
  • Esoteric exercises for strength and recovery
  • Improvising weights and means of training
  • Tempering your extremities
  • Endurance
  • Elasticity
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Reflexes
  • Balance
  • Breathing
  • Mind and Spirit
  • Wilderness nutrition

Duration: A full Week
Participants: 3-12 Peoples
Destinations: Rhodopi Mountains
Prerequisites: None