Popular Courses

This section houses the most popular courses that have been developed as solutions to problems faced when traveling in the wild and constand demand from our customers.
Those move parallel with the Bushcraft System which stands on its own as a structure with a specific reasoning. (Please read About)
Courses of Popular Demand is our marketing (friendly) approach to things.
Please visit: Services / Aktiston Bushcraft System to read the Course’s Curiculum.
Keep in mind that the Fundamental Level is very compact, practical and efficient throughout its entire structure.

-Practical Bushcraft Course
-Basic Cold Weather
-Predator Mind
-Wilderness Cookery
-Universal Bushcraft Course
-Wilderness Foodgatherer Course
-Primitive Course
-Wilderness Tracking Course
-The Bushcraft Knife
-Wilderness Kids Education ( We offer great packages for school classes, please contact for information)